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Successful projects

From design to punctual delivery.

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Our promise:

We finish what we start – successfully.

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Durable products in series.

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Our expertise.

Machinery + tools for windows + façades.

We have been providing customised solutions for individual requirements in window and façade construction for over 50 years: high-quality machinery and tools that prove themselves in practice with their precision and durability.

From development and production to assembly: Our customers are attracted by our experience and ingenuity, skill and attention to detail, as well as our perseverance and service orientation.

Our character.


We keep our promises: From precision to functionality and delivery times.


Quality under one roof: We offer an exceptional in-house production depth. This makes us independent of external service providers.


We live by our service philosophy: Serving the customer is the best service we can provide.

Our range.

We’re exceptionally good and successful in these product areas. We offer custom-fit parts in series production in all segments. And we will find the optimal, individual solution for your challenge.

Journey and destination:

Our respect for each other underpins our joint success. One-to-one, peer-to-peer respect: This is how collaboration works, and this is what we mean by partnership – a long-term investment founded on honesty and trust. This is how success develops and endures.

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Successful together.

Our projects are geared toward lasting success – for everyone involved. This results in CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. These companies agree: